• 0018

    Exhibition Review

    Senior Painters exhibit at Chawkandi

    About Artist. Siddiqua Bilgrami

    Inner turmoils and outer stimuli create reverberations in the inner-most senses and an Art form emerges. ‘Movement’ and ‘Space’ have been my props and my wonder.

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  • 0031

    Pakistan Art


    Viewing the work of artist Hanif Shezad, one enters with nostalgia the Karachi of yester-years. It was a time when there was less traffic on the roads and the architecture of the city was a proud, distinctive sight. Featured in his work are the streets and markets - Bhorie bazaar and Jhodia market - with the bustling shoppers and the various aspects of light and shadows of a passing day.

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  • 003

    Artist Voice

    Silent Conversation by Asif Ahmed & Atif Khan

    Miniature art itself is the subject of discussion in my work. Making of detailed drawings and miniatures takes a view of history in the present time. Historical symbolism and figures have been a central theme of my surfaces and connections between the images are a means of questioning the current position of traditional art and iconography. I borrow imagery from the pages of famous traditional schools and transform them by juxtaposing, overlapping and rearranging to construct new narratives.

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