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    Exhibition Review

    Spirit of Visual

    "Spirit of Visual", a solo exhibition of works by Sajjad Ahmed opened recently at Sanat Gallery on December 12, 2017. This exhibit has showcased 18 pieces of work in which Ahmed has explored several mediums.
    In the tumultuous times of technology that prevails and hampers artistic endevours, the execution of a simple form proves to be the strongest of the artworks.

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    Pakistan Art

    Realist Dimension by Shahid Zaki- A living Master

    Shahid Zaki is a self-taught artist whose expertise was originally in the field of woodwork and metal inlay. It was his boyhood hobby of collecting stamps that fostered the involvement with miniature schools of art. The artist began to study various styles and eras of miniature art, to sit with miniaturists and absorb their techniques and eventually, to try his hand, first for in-lay work, then in the medium of water-colour in the true miniature or album format.

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    The Symbolic World of Nazia Akram

    When and how did you start painting?
    I started painting at a very young age by recreating iconic art and posters that I admired, experimenting with different mediums and styles. My grandparents encouraged my initial creativity in adolescence, but as I grew older, my parents exposed me to a world of travel, art museums, and famous works of art. Deeply inspired by the art that I saw on our world travels, I took up art in high school and won a citywide art contest.

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