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    Exhibition Review

    Intuition Reflection Expression

    A Two-person show was recently held at Art Chowk Gallery. Both the artists, Arsalan Naqvi and Tahir Ali presented completely different styles and subjects. Arsalan's work finds expression through symbols and is inspired by the cubist movement. Tahir Ali’s work has elements of an emotional experience in nature..

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  • 0031

    Pakistan Art


    Creating an artwork requires skill, observation and dedication, the basic three key points. One cannot just decide to be an artist in an instant. It requires whole lot effort physically and mentally also. Every year, numerous artists are produced by various art institutes, but to be the one who leave a mark on every body’s mind is and should be the ultimate thing.

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  • 003


    Dreams Of Past Grandeur The Ceramic Sculpture Of Jamil Hussain

    “The neglect of architectural heritage in our country has crossed all limits. The concern about the perpetual loss is very small….
    Jamil Hussain’s pieces of ceramics are reminders of the resplendent heretofore. His solicitude is remarkable and his efforts meritorious and commendable. His ceramic sculpture in relief and in round with bewitching glazes are an affidavit of Jamil’s touching concern…” (Professor Dr.Shaukat Mahmood)

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